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We have
various cookies!

Baby Shower

For your baby!

Celebrate the birth of a newborn with cookies specially designed for the event. Cute and delicious, cookies are a special treat that will delight your guests.


For a special day!

Sucreries en Couleurs offers an extensive selection of attractive and delicious cookies, for the enjoyment of young and old alike.


Your own cookies!

We’ll make delicious cookies from it. This is a perfect way to promote your store, events, parties or special occasions.

We have more unique cookies for you!

Our cookies are so unique.

  • Easter cookies
  • Christmas cookies
  • Nozy cookies
sugar ring

We bake different cookies for events as well for as your own.

About Sucreries en Couleurs

Pastries are our passion and are what we do. We love to bring a sweet touch to special occasions and decorate your events with colour and delight.

Thanks to the knowledge we acquired in pastry shops, we are able to create cookies and candies for all special occasions, including baby showers, baptisms, birthdays, weddings and holidays like Christmas… or simply to satisfy your daily dose of sweets.

Our happiness is to see you happy!

Design your own cookies!

Send us your own design or logo and we’ll make delicious cookies from it. Contact us and tell us more about your idea (the size of the cookies, design, quantities…).

  • 3d cookies
  • Poutine cookies
  • Hairdresser cookies


Oh, we also make lovely "Sugar Rings" too!

  • Sugar ring
  • Sugar ring
  • Another sugar ring


We are located in Montreal, QC, Canada.

But we also deliver your cookies to other cities.

Please contact us at first!

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